How a dashcam can help you on the road

You know those ” if” situations? If I hadn’t run a red light, if I had left earlier… And one “if” we can imagine today – if we had a camera in the car.

Car camera

It can be described as the “black box” you know from the airplane. A dashcam is a source of valuable information about what happened not just before your car collided. During your journey, it records what happens in front of you, giving the police proof that the situation happened as you said it would.

The dashcam here captured a mass accident on the D5 and shows, among other things, why you should leave the car as soon as possible and take cover behind the barriers.

In addition, they have many other functions. For example, a motion detector will help you park, but it will also protect your car. A car camera that has this feature will automatically start when it detects motion. This will catch a potential thief or a car that has hit you while parking. In addition, the cameras can report the presence of speed cameras and warn you when you are speeding.

The recording is stored on a microSD card and when the card is full, the recorded data is overwritten. Some cameras have a very useful feature called G-sensor. This function registers a possible collision and locks this record against overwriting.

Dual camera

If you want to keep an eye on what’s going on behind your car as well as in front of it, get a dual camera (also known as a reversing car camera). Parents travelling with young children also make much use of these cameras, as they can see what’s happening in the back seat without having to turn their heads.

Last but not least, the camera has a calming effect, making you feel safer on the road. You could say that it should be one of the compulsory equipment for the car for those who want to do everything they can to keep themselves safe.

Many people are put off by the cable that a car camera must have for power, but you can hide the cable under the padding or in the rubber gasket yourself. Alternatively, a car camera without a cable is suitable for you, but you have to make sure it is charged.

The best car camera definitely doesn’t mean the most expensive. Focus mainly on the reviews and its features to really choose quality car camera. You can use user or expert car camera reviews to help you identify the best products.

Car camera and the law

Within the Czech Republic, you don’t have to worry about having problems using the camera. However, before travelling abroad, it is advisable to check the conditions of the country in question. For example, in Portugal or the Netherlands, cameras are banned and you must not have them in your car (or even hidden). In other countries such as Germany, Austria and France, the camera is only allowed for personal use. So you can’t share the camera footage publicly afterwards. In Belgium, you can only use the recording (even as evidence) after you have informed all the parties involved. The identification of this information should therefore be part of your complete travel plan .

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