Motorway toll for rental cars

Do you rent a car? Whether you borrow a car from a company, a car rental company, a family member or a friend, the driver is always responsible for the car. So before you take your rental car on the road, make sure it has a valid vignette or insurance. What else should I look for when renting a car?

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but always check your rental car before you leave! The same applies to rental cars – it could happen that the car doesn’t have a valid vignette or that the wheels are flat. The cheapest car rental company may not always provide the basics, such as a valid vignette.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to choose a car from a proven car rental company that offers not only great prices, but also impeccable conditions and service. One such example is the Brno car rental company – “All our vehicles have a vignette for the Czech Republic and seasonal tires,” says Tomáš Brankovský, owner of the car rental company in Brno – We recommend doing thorough research and opting to rent a car where you will get a vehicle with all the essentials.


The driver is always responsible for the car!

Whoever owns the car is always responsible for it. This means that if the police catch you on the motorway without a valid vignette, for example, the person behind the wheel pays the fine. The validity of the vignette is currently harder for drivers to check, as it is no longer physically stuck to the car, but only exists in electronic form.

It can be checked electronically or purchased on the website, or it can be purchased at branches of the Czech Post and at EuroOil petrol stations.

What is worth checking before driving in a rental car?

Company car, rental car or car borrowed from your parents – check before you drive:

Paid compulsory liability and accident insurance

The owner of the car should provide you with the necessary documents, such as a green (or white) card – i.e. a certificate of proper third party insurance. If the compulsory liability insurance is not paid, the driver can be fined between CZK 5,000 and CZK 40,000. Renting a car without the necessary insurance can become more expensive.

Next, make sure your car has breakdown insurance to protect it from damage caused by an accident, theft, the elements or vandalism – it protects you as the driver.

Inflated wheels and seasonal tyres

Going to the mountains in a rental car in winter? Then only with winter tyres. Make sure the car is fitted with seasonal tyres and the wheels are sufficiently inflated.

Validity of the vignette

The validity of the electronic vignette can be verified on the official website Just enter the state and license plate number of the vehicle. If the car does not have a vignette and you decide to buy one, then consider the appropriate payment method. Payment by bank transfer may be delayed, which could delay your journey. On the other hand, online payment by credit card will be made immediately and you can hit the highway.

Condition of the tank

Always make sure your tank is full enough. In the case of a rental car, the tank should be full.

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