Austria vignette

The vignette is available in Austria for cars up to 3.5 tonnes in three variants – ten-day, two-month and annual. Vehicles with a higher weight must be fitted with a special Go-Box.

Motorways in Austria are tolled with stamps that are are stuck on the windscreen of the car. In addition to cars up to 3.5 tonnes, motorcycles are also required to purchase a vignette. In addition to motorways, Austria charges tolls for some bridges and tunnels.

Price and validity of the vignette

A vignette in Austria is offered in three different variants – ten-day, two-month and annual.

Period of validityCars up to 3.5 tonnesMotorcycles
ten days9,9 EUR5,40 EUR
bi-monthly29 EUR13,70 EUR
annual96,4 EUR36,20 EUR

Where to buy an Austrian vignette?

  • In Austria you can buy a valid stamp at any petrol station, post office and most newsagents.
  • Buying an Austrian vignette online has its pitfalls – due to consumer protection, the vignette doesn’t start to be valid until 18. the day after purchase. So either buy the stamp in advance / on the way physically / as a business.
  • In the Czech Republic the vignette is sold at border petrol stations, branches of the ÚAMK, Cash Point branches and some exchange offices.

Tunnel tolls in Austria

You may also encounter sections of Austria that are charged in excess of the vignette. These are mainly toll tunnels Austria and some mountain roads. Fee here can be paid by card or cash on site at the toll gates. In particular, these are the most used roads and tunnels:

  • A9 – Bosruck motorway tunnel: 5,50 €
  • A9Gleinalm Tunnel: 5 €
  • A10 – Taurus Motorway Tunnel, Katschberg Tunnel: 13 €
  • A11 – Karavanke motorway tunnel: €7.60
  • A13 – A13 motorway: €10.50
  • S16 – Arlberg Road Tunnel: 10 €

Tip: Check out the information on vignettes in Italy and Hungary.

List of toll sections in Austria:

  • A1 – Westautobahn
  • A2 – Südautobahn
  • A3 – Südostautobahn
  • A4 – Ostautobahn motorway
  • A5 – Nordautobahn
  • A6 – Nordostautobahn
  • A7 – Mühlkreis Autobahn
  • A8 – Innkreis Autobahn
  • A9 – Pyhrnautobahn
  • A10 – Tauern Autobahn
  • A11 – Karawanken Autobahn
  • A12 – Inntal Autobahn
  • A13 – Brenner Autobahn
  • A14 – Rheintal/Walgau Autobahn
  • A21 – Wiener Außenring Autobahn
  • A22 – Donauufer Autobahn
  • A23 – Südosttangente
  • A25 – Welser Autobahn
  • S1 – Wiener Außenring expressway
  • S2 – Wiener Nordrand Expressway
  • S3 – Expressway Weinviertler
  • S4 – Mattersburger expressway
  • S5 – Stockerauer expressway
  • S6 – Semmering expressway
  • S16 – Arlberg Expressway
  • S31 – Burgenland expressway
  • S33 – Kremser expressway
  • S35 – Brucker Expressway
  • S36 – Murtal expressway
  • S37 – Klagenfurter expressway

Highway map:

Traffic on the motorway

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