Motorway vignette in the Czech Republic

From 2021 , the vignette is purchased only electronically. The types and prices of the vignettes are the same, but there have been changes to which cars are exempt from the need to have a vignette, and you can now specify your own validity. Here is all the information you need to know about vignettes.

What is the price of the 2023 vignette?


ECO PRICE: 750,-


ECO PRICE: 220,-


ECO PRICE: 150,-

Where to buy a vignette?

You can now purchase the vignette on the website :

In addition, the stamp can still be purchased at branches of the Czech Post and at EuroOil petrol stations, where the operator enters the data into the computer system (i.e. mainly the number plate and the start of the stamp’s validity). In the vicinity of the state border there will also be so-called. kiosks that look like “parking meters”.

How long is the electronic vignette valid for?

All three vignettes sold mhave the following validity periods:

  • Electronic the annual vignette is valid from the selected date for exactly one calendar year, e.g. from 8.9. this year until 7.9. the following year inclusive.
  • The monthly vignette is valid on the day indicated on the voucher and the following month. The expiry date falls on the same day as the day marked on the voucher. If there is no such day in the relevant calendar month, the expiry date will be the last day of the month (e.g. 31-30).
  • The 10-day vignette is valid on the date indicated on the voucher and expires on the tenth calendar day.

What are the penalties?

The fine for driving without a vignette can amount to a block fine up to CZK 5000,-. You can be fined in administrative proceedings up to CZK 100 000,-. In addition, if you drive without a vignette, you run the risk of being involved in an accident. the insurance company will claim consequential damages from you.

Who can check the vignettes?

Highway The stamp may be checked by a patrol of the Police of the Czech Republic or a member of the Customs Administration. As a passenger car driver you are obliged to obey to stop calls from police and customs.

Cars exempted from the need for a vignette

Cars exempted automatically:

  • Electric, hydrogen or hybrid cars with specially assigned number plates (starting with the letters EL).
  • Vehicles transporting a Czech ZTP/P card holder – the card holder must be present in the car.
  • Historic cars.
  • Vehicles used to transport dependent children treated for cancer and haemoblastosis (doctor’s note with you).

For these cars, you must file an exemption notice:

  • Electric, hydrogen or hybrid cars without a specially assigned number plate (not starting with EL).
  • Vehicles used by homes for people with disabilities to transport them.

You can read the exact instructions for filing an exemption notice at .

Untolled sections of motorways

More and more cities have toll-free bypasses – you can drive for free here without a valid vignette. These include the entrances to Prague and part of the Prague ring road, motorways around Brno, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem, Olomouc, Prostějov or around Beroun. Their complete list can be found here .