Untolled sections of motorways

The non-tolled sections of the roads are marked with the sign “Motorway” and supplemented with the additional sign “No time charge” or “No time charge and toll”. You do not need an electronic vignette to use these roads.

Brand - Highway
Brand - Highway
Brand - Highway


D0 K Barrandov Street (from the Prague Ring Road towards Barrandov). (Exit 16)

D1 Spořilov to Chodov (Exit 2)

D6 Prague to Jeneč (Exit 7)

D7 Prague to Kneževes (Exit 3)

D10 Prague to Stará Boleslav (Exit 14)

D11 Prague to Jirny (Exit 8)


D1 Holubice to Kývalka (Exit 182 to 210)

D2 Brno to Chrlice (Exit 3)

Hradec Králové:

D11 Sedlice to Kukleny (Exit 84 to 90)

D35 Sedlice to Opatovice nad Labem (Exits 126 to 129)

Other sections without a vignette:

D1 Kromeriz bypass (Exit 258 to 260)

D1 Ostrava-Rudná (Exit 354) to the Polish border

D2 in the direction to Austria to the rest area near Lanžhot, in the opposite direction the following applies

D3 in the vicinity of České Budějovice

D3 Veselí nad Lužnicí to Bošilec

D3 in the vicinity of Tábor from Čekanice to Měšice (Exit 76 to 79)

D4 in the vicinity of Písek from Radobytec to Předotice

D5 bypass Beroun: (Exit E14 – 22)

D5 bypass Plzeň: Ejpovice to Sulkov (Exit 67-89)

D6 Cheb to Karlovy vary

D6 section passing through the village of Lubenec

D7 Louny to Chomutov

D8 from the border to Exit 65 (after Ústí n. Labem). In the direction of the border, the toll is from Knínice (Exit 80)

D10 around Mladá Boleslav from Bezděčín to Kosmonosy (Exits 39 to 46)

D35 in the vicinity of Olomouc from Křelov to Holice (Exits 261 to 276)

D46 Prostějov-south to Dražovice (Exits 21 to 26)

D46 Hněvotín to Olomouc-Slavonín (37th to 39th km)

D48 from Příbor to Frýdek-Místek

D52 near Pohořelice from Exit 23 to Exit 26

D55 from Zlín to Otrokovice-North, valid from Exit 30