Toll Poland

In Poland, compared to neighbouring countries, toll gates are used to measure the kilometres travelled. Toll gates are only valid for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, all other vehicles use the special automatic eToll system.

For cars up to 3.5 t, there are 3 main toll sections in Poland: motorways A1, A2 and A4. Tolls can be paid in local currency and in euros, cash and card.

Fee schedule for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes:

Highway sectionToll price
A1 Rusocin – Nowa Wiese29,90 PLN
A2 Šwiecko – Komin87,00 PLN
A2 Chimney – Stryków9,90 PLN
A4 Bielany – Sošnica16,20 PLN
A4 Katowice – Kraków 24 PLN

Where to buy Polish toll?

Payments can be made using local zloty, dollar, euro, and all types of credit and debit cards. If you pay with a foreign currency note that is worth more than 100, you will only be reimbursed in local currency, which is something to be expected.

On the A2 motorway, in addition to the above-mentioned payment methods, it is also possible to use the so-called Fleet card of Routex, Dkv, Uta, Aris, Flota, Open Drive, Shell and Ressa. You can also use prepaid cards, which can be ordered online at the ViaBox distribution centre.

People with disabilities can apply for a discount on motorway tolls, who have a Disabled Persons’ Identity Card.

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