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Ironically, some of the best motorways in Europe are not tolled for passenger vehicles. Only vehicles weighing 7.5 tonnes or more are obliged to pay. For drivers of all other vehicles, motorway access in Germany is completely free.

Toll prices and payments

Toll must be paid in Germany all vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a few exceptionssuch as military, police, firefighting or humanitarian vehicles. Prices are set individually by Tool Collect, the company that manages the toll system.

Toll Collect operates a toll system on behalf of the federal government that calculates and collects tolls according to the exact number of kilometres used. The system offers three different posting options:

  • automatic posting by on-board unit (OBU)
  • manual posting at toll terminals
  • manual posting on the internet

In order to use automatic posting and online posting, you must leave your business and vehicles register with the company.

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Toll payment methods:

  • Automatic payment is suitable for those who travel through Germany more frequently. Once registered, the company receives a system to place on the dashboard of the vehicle. It counts the kilometres travelled using GPS, and payment is then made once a month using the payment method of your choice.
  • If you are going to schedule a toll and pay via the website , you must have a valid Toll Collect registration and make the transaction within 3 days before your travel date. Billing and payment of the scheduled toll is done twice a month via a pre-selected payment method, i.e. credit card, LogPay, accounts receivable or fuel card.
  • Payment by payment terminal is available at more than 3,500 locations throughout Germany. When making a payment, you need to enter the vehicle information, the waypoints and make the payment in cash or by credit card.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the information about the vignette and toll sections in the Czech Republic.

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