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In Italy, motorway sections are tolled via toll gates. In addition to these, you have to take into account the toll on some tunnels, especially those located at border crossings.

Toll prices in Italy

Toll payment in Italy via conventional toll gateswhere the driver pays when passing them. The amount of the toll is different on different roads, but the average is around EUR 8 per 100 kilometres.

In Italy, you can find two types of toll sections – closed and open toll system:

  • Open toll system requires payment at the first gate and the toll price is based on the total length of the toll section, even if you leave before the end of the section.
  • Closed toll system requires payment at the last toll gate you pass before exiting the toll section. In this case, you only pay for the kilometres you actually drive.

Motorway tolls can be charged in Italy pay both cash and credit cards. Prepaid Viacard cards are also available for €25, €50 or €75, or the Telepass automatic payment system, where you just slow down when passing through the toll gate, which records how much you have driven. Maybe it’s also additional paymentif you go through the tollgate without paying, which is possible either online or at the next tollgate.

Tip: Check the prices of motorway stamps and tolls in neighbouring countries.


It is not possible to reverse at toll gates (even on the shoulder) or cross the median strip. Fines can be up to €3,000 and include a driving ban for up to two years and confiscation of the car for three months.

Roads in Italy

Indicative price list for hiking routes

If you’re planning a holiday in Italy, you’ll find a price list of the most frequently used routes to popular resorts useful. Prices are always listed from the border to the final destination.

Destination resortRoute length in kilometresToll price (EUR)
Lido di Jesolo18514,10
Ligurian Riviera72657,20
Rosolina Mare21017,50
San Benedetto58243,30
Tuscan Riviera57744,20

Toll tunnel crossings

In Italy, you will encounter several toll tunnels. These are mainly tunnels near the border crossing to France.

TunnelVehicles up to 3.5 tonnesvehicles up to 3.5 tonnes with a height of 2-3 metresMotorbikes and tricycles
Grand Bernard27,90 EUR43,00 EUR16,40 EUR
Monte Bianco43,50 EUR58,00 EUR28,80 EUR
Munt La Schera35,00 EUR35,00 EUR12,00 EUR
Tunnel du Frejus44,20 EUR58,60 EUR29,30 EUR

Map of sections:

Motorway sections in Italy - map

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