How to peel off a vignette

The vignette is designed to be easy to peel off. In addition to a thick layer of adhesive, it is also perforated so that it starts to tear with any attempts to peel it off. Taking it off with just the fingernails is therefore somewhat complicated and ends at least a big glue stain on the glass.

  • To remove an old stamp use a glass ceramic scraper. Then clean the adhesive itself with technical gasoline.
  • If you have access to electricity, heat the stamp with a hairdryer and then scrape it gently with a razor blade.
  • Before applying a new stamp, glue the glued area several times on jeans or a cotton shirt, as the fine dust sticks to the glue layer. The stamp still sticks, but not as extremely, and taking it off will then takes no more than a few seconds .
  • Technical grade gasoline is best for removing adhesive residue.

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