New e-shop for electronic vignettes

On 1.12.2020 the Czech government launched the promised website for the sale of electronic vignettes They are quicker and easier to acquire and use. How does an electronic stamp differ from a regular stamp and how to buy one?

While the types and prices of stamps do not differ, the difference is in the way they are purchased and used. Purchase an electronic stamp via the web is very quick and easy – right on the homepage you can choose one of the 3 stamp variants and then just enter the basic data:

  • The country code of the vehicle registration: CZ, SK, DE, AT, BG,…
  • Car registration number
  • Start of validity of the stamp
  • And tick the box to indicate whether your vehicle is powered by natural gas or biomethane

Next, just fill in your email and payment details. This way, however, you don’t have to buy a vignette just for yourself, but for any number plate – so if you want to make someone you love happy, for example, you can give them an electronic vignette for Christmas and save them money and worry.

In the future, buying a stamp will be even easier because the system will already remember you.

Validity of the electronic vignette

The validity of the 10-day and monthly vignette is the same as before – either 10 or 30 days from the selected date. But the big change is in the annual electronic vignette, because it now works exactly the same, which means exactly one year from the start date. If you buy it, for example, in mid-June on 15.6., it will be valid until 14.6. the following year, which is practical.

This does not apply to the paper vignette, which operates in the same way as before: from 1 January 2020 to 31 January 2022 – a total of 14 months. Compared to the electronic stamp, it has a longer validity period, but this is not an advantage due to the fact that the extra 2 months of validity overlap with the stamps purchased for other years.

An annual vignette purchased for 2020 is valid until 31.1.2021, so you can buy an annual vignette from 1.2.2021.

You can check its validity from 1.1.2021 on the website. Just enter the license plate number of the vehicle.

The electronic vignette is non-transferable. Therefore, it cannot be registered to a car other than the one for which it was originally purchased.

How is the electronic vignette used?

Completely carefree. You just buy it and you don’t have to worry about anything else, because it is checked by an electronic system using cameras that read your license plate number, which is how the system knows if you have a tag. You don’t have to glue anything and worry about anything. The stamp is paired with your license plate.

So your only concern is that you don’t overstay your welcome. But there is a tool for that: when ordering it, you check the box that you want to receive an email notification before the expiration date.

Advantages of the electronic vignette in a nutshell

Purchasing is quick and easy.

There is no need to find a physical place and time to buy.

Gluing and scraping of the stamp is eliminated.

All electronic vignettes are valid for a specified number of days from the date selected.

Easy validation and expiry notification by email.